Thursday, January 5, 2012

For swapna

I was more than excited the minute I came to know that my friend Swapna's recipe had been chosen as the month's recipe by the Sweet Punch team! I had wanted to try this when she posted the recipe but as always, never took the effort of making the same lazing out :).

  When the recipe was announced, I planned to make the dessert during Christmas, so that children would be around, but then with the cakes and cookies all flowing in I wasn't quite motivated. Moreover I had by hands unbelievably full during the hoildays.

Finally I got ready with the ingredients and started whipping up the dessert 2 days back..

For the Dulce le Lechey, I adapted David Lebovitz's method as I felt to be more convenient and safe. Unfortunately my glass dish placed on the water bath on a pan didn't sit inside my small sized oven and I was forced to make it poured in individual ramekins made to sit in the glass dish made as the hot water bath, in turn.
The Dulce was a bit over done for me as I left it more than the time mentioned, my carelessness :), and I diluted with a table spoon of warm milk and condensed milk to bring it to the right consistency. I forgot to add the salt as suggested but again it was fine.

Banoffee Pie
Source- Swapna's Cuisine

Though Swapna had been assuring about the irresistible taste, being a weight watcher, at least for the time being, I was worried counting the high calories contained in the dessert!
Soon after the photography session I licked clean the spoon you see up in the first picture ;) and then was prompted to dig out more! two more..nah..three more and the bowl was packed off to the neighbourhood!

Verdict from the neighbour's family - Absolutely lovely dessert! looking forward to more! but more quantity for next time please! :)

That says it all! :)

If you need more feedback I would rate this as a rich, creamy, melt in the mouth dessert! The combined flavour of the salt n sweet biscuit base, the creamy  rich dulce, the sweet sour ripe banana flavour and the cream topping compliments to the core and proves to be a high threat to the milk/sweet lovers! ;)

I avoided chocolate sauce as in the recipe, wanting to create a design of neat circles of chocolate powder dusted on top. I do have the circles and the chocolate powder dusted, but of course not neat as expected! Pardon :)

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