Friday, September 14, 2007

The Birth of the Cook book.

Fifteen young, enthusiastic men in a well known town in Tamil Nadu Join hands and form an association as a part of Round Table India(RTI).

Their Table gains recognition, popularity and compliments flow.The men indulged more in social activities and continued their hard work, again for the Table.In spite of much pressure,their young and active counterparts 'brilliantly' discouraged themselves from forming a Circle fearing they might lose the 'intimacy' among them.These non-political ladies, with varied cultural backgrounds, made it a point to gather once a month for their own Potluck Dinner.Their men and kids defenitely enjoyed the varied tastes cooked personally from each home every month and had a lighter time with all fun and laughter.

*One of the ladies came up with the brilliant idea of collecting the recipes of each of them and compile into a 'Cook book' and recieved an instantaneous applause by the Table.

Thus born,within a few weeks, the much awaited Potluck Specials.

Why I like this book.

This book is not restricted to any particular type of cuisine.The recipes are hometried and each dish has a personal touch of its maker!.Besides the continental cuisine, the book brings together the cuisines of North India, Kerala, Srilanka, parts of Tamil Nadu like Chettinad, Tuticorin,Trichy and Thirunelveli; representing each lady of the association!.

The proceeds from the sale of the book went to support RTI's long term project of Freedom Through Education.Every one who purchased thus supported the noble cause of Giving this vision a life.

*The leading person was none other than Renuka, whose team received a wonderful recognition for the stupendous effort!.

This is my submission to my sister's very first event (how can I resist?) of Show me your cook book.

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