Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fig, golden raisin, and date focaccia

There are definitely a few solid reasons for coming up with a recipe like Focaccia;
the recent confidence I had gained in baking, a craving for fresh home made breads, the packet of fresh yeast I stumbled upon in the supermarket and above all a self-challenging recipe I need to try out for AFAM-Dry fruits for the month.After all this is hosted by the glorious Mom n Daughter team to whom the post goes…:)

Thankyou Nirmala for suggesting me the original recipe here.

Somehow I was more fascinated to try out this one from the Boston Globe that surprisingly calls for butter and eggs instead of Olive oil, a real focaccia needs.

Of course this is my first attempt of baking a bread.I reserved half of the dough and baked Jai and Bee’s No-Knead Bread inspired by my sister’s post here.

Making a Focaccia was far more easier than it seemed to be.Needless to mention-both the bread and the focaccia came out successfully and I enjoyed every step preparing ‘em; they in turn absolutely not lettin down the ‘new baker’! :)

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