Monday, November 3, 2008

Those College days…Nostalgia and a Reunion!...


ell, this exactly is not the name of a street as it sounds, but a gang of Nine Notorious Smart n Active girls, who'd 'Rocked' the college during the early 90s ;)

Each letter denotes the name of a girl..

So, here goes the introduction to JAMBASSAR!..

J - Jaivy ( Bsc Hsc Batch 1990-93)
A - Anitha ( BA Lit 1990-93)
M - Merlin ( BSc Hsc Batch 1990-93)
B - Bharathy ( BSc Hsc Batch 1990-93)
A - Ansu ( BSc Hsc Batch 1990-93)
S - Sarah ( BSc Botany Batch 1990-93)
S - Sangeetha ( BSc Hsc Batch 1990-93)
A - Archana ( BSc Hsc Batch 1990-93)

R - Rekha ( BA Lit 1990-93)

When we were featured in ' The Campus Special' editionby 'Kanyaka' of Mangalam Publications..

Obviously we had fun and enjoyment, on and off Campus.

Jokes apart we 'did' get into serious studies at 'crucial times', as well :), and also were known for our great ‘nerve’ to shout out at those Guys who always kept their ‘nicks’, secret :)..
In this aspect the girls of ‘Jambassar’ had been the regular bait of their competetive Boys’ gang, which was none other than Kiran John and his friends !! :D
As a token of their appreciation we were always welcomed by a loud ‘coo’ whenever we staged a ‘decent’ programme like 'The Kitchen Orchestra'(sworn the fact t'was indeed a creative and a novel programme meant ‘only’ for entertainment :D) or our bags(holding less or no books) hanging down from the branches of those gigantic trees of the campus or at least our nicks shouted back (twice as loud as ours) by each of them..

Memories flooding back, remembering 'em all and smiling; so nostalgic, are mingled with that slight pain when I realise those crazy times we had together are never going to bounce back..

Fifteen years to forward, the naughty girls of the gang are metamorphosed to responsible family women, most of them employed, polished and matured!(hopefully- at least, a big YES! Here.. :D)

Holding a blog is no joke.

The hard and sincere work behind collecting data, uploading, editing, publishing, updating and the presentation of each and every post are far more time-consuming than a reader here can guess.
We should indeed realise the painstaking effort, Kiran has taken up in these recent months to bring back the nostalgic feeling in everyone of us..
The wonderful idea of a get together in his leadership surely deserves a special and a louder applause..

The healthy relationship with the professors, the fun times with friends, the beautiful campus, those sentimental times of parting…each memory is special…

Let us all meet, coz it’s time for celebration… to rekindle those memories of past togetherness..

Looking forward, with much pleasure, to meeting you all in the same old campus, on Dec-28th 2008 for the CMS-85-95's meet!.

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