Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mother earth has outlived the Mayan prediction and saved its beloved beings once again! The human race, amidst dilemmas debates about the end of the world, celebrated Christmas with peace and joy as always and looking forward to the birth of yet another year!

For us bloggers? yes, another year to wrap up, to review, feel proud and to showcase the best posts of the year.
Inspite of the hard work and the time involved for a blogger; food or general, he or she would admit the fact that the amount of enjoyment while working and the cheer that went along with them while sharing with their friends and readers!

So now talking about me, I believe I had been blogging without long breaks in between as I do otherwise.
I took special attention to the quality of posts and  pictures. I had taken extra efforts for the stepwise and they have paid well too!

Comoing to the toppers










non recipe side adding life...

The posts are selcted considering the appreciations in the form of  comments,mails, messages, 'likes',  shares, 'pins' and trials.

Blogging is an art and a wonderful hobby. More than sharing recipes we love being with our freinds and readers. Let ego or attitudes not spoil the wonderful relationships which keeps us bound!

Let the world outlive the myth of the bad omen number 13 and Here's wishing you a wonderful year ahead filled with laods of merriment, cheer, wealth, health,freinds goodluck and all the nice things the world can give you !

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