Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Spicy Recipe ~ Announcing A Giveaway Event

I am excited to announce my very first event. Being into the world of blogging
 world for the past 6 years I had not hosted an event until date. The reason is none other than apprehension!

CupoNation, the renowned website which offers variety home and kitchen related
discount coupons for a number of leading online retailers in India like
flipkart, snapdeal etc, had shown great interest in collaborating with Spicy Chilly

The guidelines for participation are:

1.You can send a recipe which is spicy, because I love spicy food :). It can be of any cuisine of any kind; with any level of spice in it.
Non-spicy recipes are also welcome, anyway.

2. Let the recipe post be preferably a fresh one. Any smart food and kitchen related shopping tips along with your recipe blog posts would be interesting and are appreciated.

3. Only bloggers are entertained at this point.
A blogger with multiple blogs can send multiple entries but one entry/recipe per blog, please.

4. Give a link back to the sponsor.
In the first line you should mention your favorite online retailer from here .
For e.g if its Myntra, you may say,
I love shopping through Myntra (attach the URL/link )
or if its jabong you can write,
I find Jabong really great.

5. Winning entries would be drawn from the participants. The giveaways are in the form of e-gift vouchers. Its basically a voucher code and pin which would be used instead of payment.

6. Send your recipe link along with a picture attached, to before 25th of February. 

7. I will publish the entries in order as I receive. Hope you would give a link back to this announcement page as well, thus helping me to spread the word, and let me also hope that you would stand by me and make the event a huge success!

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Bharathy said...
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Bharathy said...

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Bharathy said...

The picture here belongs to my blog and is copyrighted. Would be appreciated if you could kindly remove this ASAP. I also find pictures which had been plagiarised from other blogs which deserve to be removed as well.

Bharathy said...

Send your entries and win to my spict recipe and win 1500, 100 and 500 worth gift voucers

Bharathy said...

Ithil no follow echteemlil illa Send in your lovely recipe to my giveaway event My spicy recipe and win 1500, 100 and 500 worth gift vouchers!

Bharathy said...

Send in your entry to my giveaway event My Spicy Recipe and win Rs 1500, 1000 and 500 worth e-gift vouchers!