Friday, September 4, 2015

Life in Chennai for a week!

I take pride in having grown up in an 'evolved' town in central Kerala, where along with good quality education, we are taught to be accommodative and practical, wherever life roots us in the years that followed.
Married life in Trichy for more than two decades had shaped me differently.
Now, I am in this city named Chennai, for a week to support my college going teen son, who opted to stay away from his college hostel.due Reasons; bad hygiene and food.
So, we chose to stay in a 15 storeyed building, in the city centre. 
Morning coffee with the sight of a concrete jungle, buzz of vehicles, smoky and dusty streets are unusual to me. At times, I hear an argument that goes endlessly between a maid and the lady of the house,which I can never source from where. 
 I do the household chores myself, happily. I cook hot healthy food for my son, do the dishes when I like, launder when I have the mood, shop when I feel lonely and clean when I have the time.
The apartment which has a majority or the whole inmates hailing from North India, has turned out to be favourable for me. The unlike poles attract and yes I am pampered much. They are there to assist anytime, no unwanted queries or looks and I get happy invites to join them for walks and coffee table chats.
Since I have to leave for Trichy after a week, I decided to appoint a helper, who would keep the house clean. So, she arrived at 6.30 and smiled at the doorstep, looking as though she worked out hard in gym overnight! Bless my maids in Trichy, who enter the house, clean, after their morning wash, fresh jasmine strings pinned on their hair or the inviting scent of the imported prefumes I gift them occasionally.
Lakshmi, speaks in a heavy Chennai accent with a mixture of colloquial Hindi. I had a hard time deciphering her talks. Chennai slang thus updated my mental dictionary. My knowledge in Hindi; bragging about having mastered the language for 9 years in school, failed totally here!
With 2 more days to go, I keep the things orderly, depest the house and arrange home delivered food for my son after I leave. Lakshmi agrees to come regularly and promises, " un payyana yen payyananda nalla pathikkiren. Nee nimmathiya oorkku po."

Life in Chennai isn't too bad!

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