Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A 70,000 all women audience!

It seems our city hosts more of 'all women' gatherings nowadays.After the 'only ladies' car rally,held last month,this time it's for an all-women 'audience.'
This MUSIC 'n' DANCE gala was put up,linking the womens' day celebrations on March 8th,backed up by Dinamalar and Vasan estates.
Well, I was lucky enough to view the entire show,live,in one of the seats in the tenth row from the start.The music show was mind blowing and lively with the orchestra by Laxman-Shruthi and few of the upcoming young play back singers.The dance shows,amazing,with Upasana's Bharatha Natyam on a toppled earthern pot!,and Rahman's 'Vandematharam' done gracefully on roller skates!.The sharp laser beams and the designed shadow of the coloured lights simply added the glamour.The all women orchestra and the folk dances by the girls,the 'sweet hot dessert'.
Above all,my concentration got deviated by those high- speed low- cranes flying 'whooosh' over our heads with a spinning camera at its tip,zooming up and down,right and left,smartly absorbing every move of the show.Behind me was an "ocean of ladies",colourful and enthusiastic(they could at least deliberately leave their hubbies behind, you see:))with children happily clinging to them.
I was much tempted to stand up and view the cheering crowd at the back,but had my own fears of losing my chair getting pulled away or hitting my head on that flying crane.So I decided to stick on to my seat as diplomatic as possible,simultaneously ignoring that naughty little girl's frequent 'kicks' on my chair,as the whole programme was shot by the Star Vijay.T.V crew.
Hope you would also enjoy the show,which is to be aired on Sunday,22nd of April!!.
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