Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ulli Thoran/Fried Onions with Coconut.

Keralites have a good taste of making dishes using coconuts.More than any other dish we find all around our country,the exotic-traditional kerala dishes have coconuts as one of the major ingredients.

Thoran,the exclusive side dish,is a dry fry variety of any vegetable with plenty of coconut gratings in it.The item is nutritious as well,as the vegetables are chopped finely and gets cooked mostly in its own water content.It has its unique taste when tampered with Coconut Oil.

I prefer to make this side dish when I run short of vegetables, unexpectedly.'Ulli Thoran' is a side dish that goes well with 'Rice and Sambhar' or 'Rice and Theiyal'.
This simple recipe is posted specially for the Essence of Kerala Cuisine.

Shallots or small onions OR Big Onions cut lengthwise-1cup.
Grated coconut-1/2 cup.
Ginger-grated-1/2 tsp.
Slightly ripe green chillies,cut into rings-1 tbsp.
Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp.
Curry leaves- a few.
Coconut oil-2 tbsps.
Mustard seeds-to tamper.
Salt- to taste.

1. Combine the onions,coconut shavings,ginger,turmeric,curry leaves and salt and mix them gently using fingers.
2.Heat coconut oil in a wok,splutter the mustards and add the above mixture.
3.Close the wok with an appropriate lid,not to allow the steam to escape,and simmer cook.
4.Sprinkle water if necessary and turn it occasionally to avoid burning.Press thoran lightly flat to the bottom to facilitate cooking with minimum water.(Thatti Pothi Vaikal).
5.Remove from fire when the onions are cooked.(evaporate the excess water if present,keeping the pan open,in a medium flame).
6.Serve hot as a sidedish to boiled plain rice and theiyal.
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smitha said...

Hi Barathy,
will definitely try out ada pradhaman. tasted it during our kumarakkom trip. your writeups r quite interesting and well made.

Bharathy. said...

Hi smitha,Thanks a lot for the comment.Seems I have to change the title and the header out there...started with just to quote about general things...but its turning to be a food blog now..!!

N said...

Hello, the thoran looks yummy?? Is that vatti pulusu on the side? Oh man!! I want some! Waaaaaaaah.. Its a long weekend for me, so you enjoy it too and I will see you on Monday!