Saturday, March 10, 2007

Car Rally...Only Ladies..

Yeah...On Feb 18th Ejula,(my malayalee college mate)Waseema,(I prefer to call her Sadhna)the young smartie who works with Cognizant and myself wheeled off for it!!The whole thing was organised by AURA..the womens' forum where I am in...joining hands with Madras Motors Sports Club..
We were amazed to see 65 registrations!!
Unaware of the rules and regulations of a car rally,we were briefed the previous day and were flagged off as no36, the next morning.
Well,Ejula in her driving seat,Sadhna at the back ,monitoring the calculations of the speed chart,...cudn't skip calculations as we stumbled upon Time Conrol Marshalls on the go and me(put the donkey last!) in the front with the tulip chart and the questionaire we were given to fill up enroute..(which had queries like ,what school do you pass at your 28th km and so on)
We did make small errors as we were in our first attempt..but had great fun throughout.We touched the finishing line exactly after 2.15hrs(supposed to finish by 2hrs)after the 59km haphahazardous route!!
The valedictory which was held that evening announced the winners.
Our team didn't bag a single prize..So what?We came 14th out of 65 and more than that we had a REAL FUN PACKED DAY!!
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congratulations on your car rally.