Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Ant Battalion Visit.

I was a little restless last week when ants started visiting my home unusually.

Ants usually come in search of food before the onset of monsoon,but this time, the cause is "summer ",round the corner which dares to go up to even 40degC!

Of course I like the tamil tradition of feeding a community to mark the day's start.The lucky community is undoubtedly the ants which people feed on by means of RICE FLOUR KOLAM put artfully in the fronyard floorings of every tamil house!!Unfortunately the ants ignore this KOLAM as the rice flour is replaced by powdered WHITE STONES!! ...but at least I see to it my pooja room has rice kolam on the floor to invite ants.

The ants might have eventually gotten bored of the same stuff and started clinging to the ghee bowls,rice containers and even around the daily fermented yoghurt bowls..I tried my part to get rid of them, with all means I could think 0f...dusting repellents,sprinkling salt and kerosene and even organising the food stuffs..and the ants won the battle.
Now a battalion started entering through the window from the garden outside,tiny holes in the flooring,switch boards and the worse, the head rest cushion of the bed!!

Finally I sought the help of the PCI,(pest control india)the ALLY ,to fight the battalion.

Now my house is 100% ant free...Not a single one out to taste even the "pooja kolam"!!.
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