Monday, March 19, 2007

Ada Prathaman(using jaggery/sarkara).

Prathaman is an important item of Kerala Cuisine and a 'must served' one for "Ona Sadya".
This prathaman is made using ADA as the major ingredient.Formerly I used to make ADA by soaking raw rice,dry grinding it,making into a batter,pouring in a plantain leaf,spreading , rolling and tying each of the strips and steamcooking them.Again cooling the strips and peeling them carefully,sprinkling cold water.Well,this is supposed to be the exact traditional way of preparing them...but definitely.... elaborate!!.
Now we get readymade Ada packets in the market.Most of the companies make ada using "maida" as the major ingridient...but make sure that the Ada you buy is of Rice(press one of them lightly and it seems to be more brittle) .As a result of the above experiment I found 'Double Horse' brand Ari Palada, the best.
The recipe is posted specially for the Essence of Kerala Cuisine,one of the fabulous keralafood blogs maintained by Shaheen and RP.

Rice Ada(ready made)-100gms.
Jaggery-2 medium/300gms.
Coconuts-2 medium-gives 6 grated cups.
Ghee-1 tbsp
Cardamom,powdered-1/4 tsp.
1.Wash Ada and soak in hot boiled water.Cover with a lid.Keep aside for 20 minutes.
2.Meanwhile prepare the coconut extract using minimum amounts of water.The "first milk" should be of 2-21/2 cups.The thin milk or the 'second milk'(secondly extracted from the same molasses),of 3 cups.
3.Crush jaggery balls into smaller pieces and make the syrup, by boiling just half a cup of water,for 10-15 minutes to "one string consistency"(almost the consistency of honey).
4.To a hot thick bottomed flat utensil(Uruli preffered :)..well can also use nonstick woks),strain and transfer the jaggery syrup.
5.Add the Ada ,which has now turned soft after draining the water completely.Mix well,carefully without breaking the ada and using ghee to avoid any sticking.Let the ada absorb the sweetness well.Simmer churning well till it reduces to three fourth.
6.Add the second milk of coconut and simmer for 10 minutes.
7.Add the cardamom powder to the 1st milk of coconut and pour in to the wok.Simmer till it just boils or for 2 minutes.Don't boil for long.
8.Prathaman must reach a semi thick consistency by now.If its too thick add coconut milk,prepared from the previous molasses.(the 3rd milk!!! in our language.)
9.Remove from fire.
10."Sarkara Ada Prathaman"can be served Hot or Cold.

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